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Are you always busy at work? Do you always find it hard to allocate time for some workouts? If you are the type that is always in front of the desk working from 9 am to 5 pm, then there are some exercises you can do at work. We all know that exercising is beneficial for our overall health and wellbeing but it is not easy to do especially when you are at work.

  • Chair squats

When squatting, you are working out on your body from head to toe. There are many benefits of squat – it has benefits on the quads, lower back, and tightening buttocks. To get started, stand exactly six inches in front of your chair and bend down until your buttock hits the edge of the chair. Move up and down and repeat the same process again.

  • Wrist stretch

If you spend a lot of time typing in the office, this is a perfect exercise for you. To get started, stand up from your chair, place your wrists on the desk and make sure they face away from you. Apply pressure until you feel the stretch. Maintain that position for a few seconds. Perform a few wrist circles after the exercise. You can perform this exercise several times daily to ease the strain on your wrist.

  • Neck and shoulders

It is usually exhausting to work in an office. For example, those working in the office are restricted to the desk while stiffening their shoulders and straining their cervical spine. You can afford to do the neck and shoulders exercise to avoid this uncomfortable experience; this exercise will relax your shoulders and neck. To do this, stand up and stretch your arms behind you while interlocking your fingers and lifting the arms at the same time. Repeat the procedure several times.

  • Exercise for legs

If you are sitting all day in the office, then this exercise is ideal for you. You can perform this very easy exercise to relieve stress from your legs. There is always a poor blood circulation especially in your legs when sitting for a long in the same position. This simple exercise will help correct this leg issue. To get started, remain seated and extend your legs and extend your hands down towards your toes. Return to the starting position and start all over again. Repeat the process many times or whenever you can.

  • Shoulder blade squeeze

Shoulder blade squeeze is another exercise that addresses hunched posture. When you are hunched over your desk, there will be stiffness in the neck and shoulders and it also affects your spine. In addition to the above, it can also affect your productivity; this can happen probably because of that stiffness. To perform this exercise, hold a pencil between shoulder blades and squeeze the pencils together for 10 seconds. Release the pencils, and repeat for several reps.

In conclusion, no matter how much time you are spending at your place of work, you can do the above exercises. These simple and easy exercises can boost hunched posture, tighten your muscles and take care of your wrists.